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How to transfer credit/airtime From MTN to MTN and to other SIM providers

MTN, one of the most popular telecommunications networks in Nigeria, provides a wide range of services to its users such as borrowing of airtime, transfer of airtime, data services and so on.

Airtime transfer simply means sharing your call credit or airtime with another mobile user. MTN airtime transfer refers to sharing MTN call credit with one or more persons, usually families, friends, colleagues etc. Using the MTN network enables you can transfer as low as #50.00 to #5000.00 at a go, there is also no limit to the number of transactions one can perform in a day.

MTN airtime transfers can be in the following ways;

  • Transfer of credit from MTN to MTN
  • Transfer of credit from MTN to Airtel
  • Transfer of credit from MTN to Etisalat
  • Transfer of credit from MTN to GLO
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These are the most common transactions common to the MTN network; however, airtime can also be transferred to many other network users.

Before going ahead to perform any of the transactions, users are advised to first change their pin to a personalized one. Changing your default pin is necessary to prevent another user from sharing your airtime without your knowledge. The default pin for sharing credits on MTN is 0000. You may also want to check your MTN data balance

How to change your pin

To change your default pin, send an SMS stating the default pin and new pin (default pin new pin) to 777. For example, send SMS with 0000 9753 9753 to 777. You can also change your pin by dialling *600*default pin*new pin* new pin# and send. A confirmation message will be sent to you afterwards.

How to perform a transfer transaction

Sharing or transfer of airtime can be done in two ways, the first is via a text message, the second is by simply dialling some codes. Even though they produce the same result, the latter option is faster than the first and can be chosen when a transfer needs to be done urgently.

How to share airtime via SMS

Text “transfer recipient number, amount and pin to 777. For instance, text ‘Transfer 09031277852 1000 9753’ to 777 to send an airtime worth of #1000, a reply SMS will be sent to you, text YES to 777 to confirm transfer command

How to share credit by dialling codes

The code for sharing airtime on MTN is *600*recipient number*amount*pin# and send. Just like the first method, a text will be sent to you to inform you of whether or not your transaction was successful.

The transfer service fee on the MTN network, however, varies from the amount of airtime that is transferred. Airtime transfers between #1-100 take a fee of #3, transfers above #100 up to #500 takes a service fee of #5 and transfers between #500 to #5000 takes a service fee of 10.

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