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Free Ishiba grant 2019 disbursement and development – application requirements

Have you come across the Ishiba Grant 2019? Maybe you saw the advert on your TV, social media platform or other sources or maybe you haven’t even read or heard anything about Ishiba Grant before.

You have nothing to worry about as we will provide you with all the necessary information such as the basis for establishing the foundation, benefits of being a member of the foundation and how to become part of it. We would talk extensively on all of these but first, what is Ishiba Grant Development?


What is Ishiba Grant  Development?

Ishiba Grant is a grant sponsored by an NGO known as Ishiba Development and Empowerment Center (IDEC). This foundation was founded by Evangelist Elizabeth N. Praise in 2006 to alleviate poverty, hunger and social injustice in Nigeria.

Ishiba Grant is offered to its members to aid them with funds in diverse fields such as agriculture, skill acquisition/entrepreneurship, fight against social injustice, education, and health care. This grant is made up of a team of 36 coordinators spread across the 36 States of Nigeria.

God’s Word

As stated on the official website of the foundation, Ishiba Development and Empowerment Center is a Christian NGO. It places emphasis on the significance of spirituality in every life and religion.

Areas of interest


The foundation supports the fact that agriculture has the potential to move Africa into the future and also serve as a bedrock for Africa to become a great continent. This includes benefits such as self sufficiency in food production, alleviation  of hunger, job creation for the teeming masses, as well as generation of revenue for the continent.

Due to the reasons stated above, Ishiba  Development and Empowerment Center has made agriculture one of its focus. IDEC seeks to influence more people to exploit agricultural opportunities by giving them the requisite skills and tools to achieve Ishiba’s goals of combating poverty and hunger.

Through workshops and seminars which it organizes regularly based on specific type of agricultural ventures taught and supported by professionals in well-coordinated mentorship programs, the foundation supply stalks and seeds, pesticides, requisite fertilizers and cover the basic production costs of these agricultural ventures. Ishiba also provide assistance throughout the entire farming stages.


In the present world, the acquisition of skills is a genuine way of bettering people’s or country prospects and Ishiba  Development and Empowerment Center recognizes this fact. The goal of Ishiba Grant is to create and empower a new general of doers and creative thinkers with innovation at the core of their actions and plans.

More skills give rise to more knowledge and options, which ultimately helps to boost and revitalize the economic situation of Africans.

These are the reasons why the foundation organizes workshops, schemes, and seminars regularly to train youngsters —those who are the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the society, equipping them with skills or  providing them with capital to kick start their businesses in order to provide them with a good life.

Health care

Another core responsibility of  Ishiba  Foundation is healthcare. Aside from sponsoring free medical checkups, it also builds health care centres, foots the part or whole bill of medical surgeries, supplies free drugs to public-owned health centres or government and so much more. This is a way of contributing its quota to the development of society.


Education through the impartation of knowledge is power and young people are motivated by Ishiba’s support through the construction & renovation of schools, distribution of educational materials, and installation of facilities in schools which would drive the modern trend of ICT.  In addition, Ishiba also offers mentoring, consulting services and awards scholarships to students free of charge!


With all these areas of interest considered, the foundation identifies the urgent need for funds to actualize these projects. One of the main responsibilities of the foundation is to give grants to deserving individuals who have shown the zeal and willingness to startup businesses which are sustainable. Those who are provided with grants must have attended workshop training and seminars organized by the foundation and must have completed the process and passed the tests.

After this, beneficiaries would be given funds which are enough to kick start their business projects and assistance would also be rendered all the way.

How to identify a genuine grant in Nigeria

  • Clear funding source
  • Consistent and Reliable information
  • Clear program objectives
  • Realistic Payout
  • Well-defined timelines or deadlines
  • Does not require payment of application fees or other charges
  • Affiliation with other reputable organizations
  • Sustainability

Ishiba partnerships or affiliations

  • National network of NGOS
  • Micro finance outlets or cooperatives
  • Social Exchange Market

Their offices and location

Regional Address

No 229, Enugu Road, near Fem-park Junction, Ugwunkwo Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.

Phone Number: +234-70328-70953

Email: info@ishibadcs.org

Abuja Address

Flat 4 Nissi Plaza Beside F.C.M Bank Kuje FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

Phone Number: +234-70328-70953

Email: info@ishibadcs.org

How to Become a Member

To become a member, follow the steps below:

Step one

  • Visit the official website of the foundation by logging on to www.ishibacdcs.org
  • Once you login to the homepage of Ishiba website, click on the “Join Us” option on the homepage and fill in the required information.

Step two

Follow the guideline that was sent to you on how to make payment

Step three

  • Ensure that you scan your bank teller or any document showing the evidence of payment.
  • Send the document to the email address provided after the completion of the verification process.

Step four

  • You will receive an email to authenticate that your account has been verified and activated.
  • Next, click on the link provided which will take you to your profile page.

Step five

At this stage, you can now apply for your grant.

Note: A total amount of N2000 is required for membership registration broken down into; N500 for membership form, N1000 for certificate costs and N500  for general logistics.

Benefits of Membership of the Ishiba Grant 2018 Development and Empowerment NGO

  1. Applicants are free to benefit and  apply for all grants affiliated with the foundation as long as they are members of the foundation.
  2. Members can partake in all seminars and workshops organized by Ishiba in different categories such as education, agriculture, skill acquisitions, and mentorship programs.
  3. At the end of each workshop, you will receive a certificate which cost a token of 1000 naira.
  4. ISHIBA or its partners would fund the projects as chosen by the member.

Any Proof they are real?

With thorough research and testimonies from several people, we are convinced that they are a reason to some extent. Nothing is guaranteed 100% until proven otherwise.

Update: So far, there has been no accurate confirmation of any participant that has received Ishiba grant till date. In  articles which were published in August 2018 on Hunters International, and The Nation Online Ng in January 2019, Social Exchange Market (SEM) grants —which is the type of grants given by Ishiba, has been declared fraudulent.  Hunters International further published another article in October, 2019 which still maintains that SEM grants is a scam. There is inadequate information as of this time to confirm if Ishiba Development and Empowerment Center is in on this scam or is just a victim.

In November, 2019, national coordinators of Ishiba grant and some representatives of Social Exchange Commission met to discuss the disbursement of grants. The outcome of the meeting was the decision to issue a passbook by SEM through various national coordinators of Ishiba and other cooperatives to the outlet chairmen under them. The passbook is to be equivalent to the value of the grant (N10 million)

Some participants are hopeful that the grant will soon be disbursed while others have accepted the fact that the promised grants may never be disbursed. Many participants still make payments of N500 for verification periodically in hopes of getting grants, while others have spent millions to get certified as SEM outlets in hopes of a big cash out of N21 million per 1000 participants enrolled. If you’re interested in registering for Ishiba grant, it would be best to wait and see if grants will be disbursed to already registered members.

Oni Olatunji

This article was written by Oni Olatunji.