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Nigerian native attire styles – fashion trends for guys and ladies 2019

You will be amazed that within a short space of time, a particular Nigerian native attire can be redesigned to various styles – those new styles of the same attire will be what is in vogue while the old styles that were fashionable some days ago will be referred to as old school.

Perhaps you could be wondering what did I mean by old school, what I meant by old school is that there are some particular attire or style of dressing that is trending in the time past but currently not fashionable.

Nigerian fashion styles and trends

Fashion and style don’t only deal with clothing, it is way much more than that, fashion is very broad, it deals with clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup kits, etc.  The type of hairstyle that is in vogue now is what is known as beard gang.

It is common among the men, it is a style in which the hair on the head will be cut very low, some do leave the hair but they won’t cut the beard, they would rather trim it to a way that looks classic, some trim it in a zig-zag form, after this haircut, if you look at them, they look so attractive and that keeps all the girls drooling.

Even our fashion designers are not sleeping, they keep on producing new styles and new attires every now and then. Our hair stylist/barber is also developing new hairstyles. Our cobblers/ shoemakers are also not exempt from this case.

Nigerian native wears for guys and ladies

Now let’s talk about the main reason for this article. Let’s talk about the Nigerian men’s and women’s wears for 2019 that is currently trending. There are various styles that are currently trending but I will only talk about the popular ones. Let’s talk about the native attires since we are Nigerians and we respect our culture.



These type of dressing is common among the “Yoruba demon”. They are referred to as Yoruba demon because they rock this particular attire in a very fine and beautiful way. In the olden days, agbada is classified as clothes for the old papas, but nowadays things have changed, agbada is being worn by both genders. In fact, everyone is drooling to have one.

The agbada is a big-free flowing outer robe known as awosoke, an inner vest (awotele), a long trouser (sokoto) with a hat (fila). The outer robe is a large loose fitting, ankle- length garment. The trouser for agbada are of two types, we have the kembe: it is a big wide bottomed trouser. On the other hand, we have the sooro: it is a slim fit, ankle length narrow bottom trouser. The hat are of various types, we have the abetiaja and the labankada to mention a few. Finally, the last thing on the list is a shoe to complement the dressing.

Oh-oh-oh, please try to visit an owambe party and look for the men or women in agbada, you can nearly eat them because they look so yummy to the eyes especially the men when they complement it with their trimmed beard and pink lips, “Damn” that murders it all.

Off shoulder native wears


Hmmn, no matter what, everyone wants to look good irrespective of his or her tribes. Off shoulder native wears are made from Ankara. In most cases this attire doesn’t have a strap attaching it to the shoulder and in some cases, they do have, but the strap will be very thin, sometimes it is almost invisible. The attire has a hook at the shoulder length in the inward part to clip the arm to the attire. The necking length could be in V-shape or semi-circular shape, it could also be in the heart shape or oval shape. It all depends on the taste of the individual.

Lace blouse and skirt styles


in this aspect, I can tell you boldly that fashion is quite funny, the clothing style here is made from a lace material, lace blouses comes in various styles, patterns or decorations. It is made in form of blouse and supported with a skirt. The lace blouse can be worn with different types of skirt like flared skirt (it is a skirt that is made in a way that is a little bit transparent) or mermaid skirt ( this skirt looks like a mermaid tail). This style is self-explanatory already since it is made into blouse and skirt, though some fizzy designs can be made into it to make it look more adorable.

Senator style


This is first discovered among the southern part of Nigerian, it is produced from fabric materials. Fabric materials are also used to make casual wears like suits and jackets. The senator style has a long top or shirt almost reaching the knee complimented with a trouser. The top has different kinds of design mostly located around the chest, belly or collar. It is usually completed with a hat for men. They are produced in various colours but the most popular are black, blue and white.



Danshiki was discovered from Harlem. It is a clothing style that symbolises that black is beautiful. It was originated from West Africa. The danshiki is a very colourful and beautiful attire, it encompasses the top half of the body. It is a loose-fitting attire with a V-shaped collar, it also has an embroidered neck coupled with sleeve- lines. The attire is completed with a kufi cap with a pair of shorts.

Atiku styles


This style of dressing is also referred to as traditional.it is quite similar to that of danshiki with a straight design and straight trouser. A kufi cap can be worn to compliment it. The cap can be in the same colour as the main attire. An Atiku style has a strong texture similar to that of “dry lace” material but it is a bit slimmer and lacks those large see-through holes that you discover on some lace materials. The Atiku style could be in form of agbada, buba, and trouser. It mainly depends on the type of materials used and the taste of the designer.

 Adire style



It is originated from the Yoruba land, it is made in a replica of tie and die or batik. The most distinctive attributes of adire is the indigo shade that is made from cocoa pod ashes and indigo leaves. The mixture is brought under the sun for a long time. After that, it will come out thick and rough, the thickness and roughness is actually what makes it attractive. It can come in different types of outfits, we have blouse and skirt adire, gown adire, etc.

Traditional skirt style


This is a long skirt sew to look like “mermaid tail.” It could also be a long straight skirt. It is made from any fabric of any colour suited to the designer taste. The bottom of this skirt is sewed with embroidery. It could be in any colour but the most popular colours are blue, yellow, white and pink.

Traditional blouse styles


We cannot do without the peplum style in this style. Most women look good in this particular style. It is a blouse made from traditional attires like Ankara. It is decorated with artificial pearls or rhinestones. This blouse has a short or three quartered sleeve, an open shoulder or round.

Cold shoulder style


 In this case, the attire is made in a way that the shoulder is revealing but not too revealing. For those who love to display their skin in a little way, then this attire is made for them.

Micro pleats

It looks more of a folded and crimpled material giving out a female outlook. The shimmering material gives a glamorous look to an outfit without the need for jewellery. It is a clothing style that is easy to put off.

Nigerian native attire styles and designs (in a recap)

We also have many more glamorous styles but to list a few, I will recommend those we just listed above not because of anything but because they are the one currently rocking the town.

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Olumide Shoyele

This article was written by Olumide Shoyele.