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Nigerian Prince Ebuka’s Killing by S.Africa Cops Draws Ire, Union Seeks Justice


The Nigerian Union in South Africa (NUSA) has expressed outrage over the killing of Prince Ebuka, a 43-year-old Nigerian national from Obosi, Anambra State, who lost his life in Danielskuil, Northern Cape, South Africa, on Friday.

In a statement issued by NUSA’s National Publicity Secretary, Habib Miller, the union condemned the incident and highlighted the worrying trend of police abuse targeting Nigerians in the Northern Cape region.

The statement revealed that since March, similar incidents involving drug allegations and police violence against Nigerians have been reported in Kimberley. Additionally, another Nigerian, Chika Anuino, was killed by police in Springs, Johannesburg, on April 25.

According to Ebuka’s wife, Joyce, law enforcement officers stormed their home, forcing her to evacuate with their young child to protect them from the violence. Ebuka was then assaulted and coerced to produce drugs allegedly in his possession. When no drugs were found, the officers took him to a waste dump, accusing him of hiding illegal substances there.

“Reports from Ebuka’s wife, Joyce, paint a harrowing picture of law enforcement officers storming their residence, compelling her to evacuate to shield their young child from witnessing the violence,” the statement read. “Ebuka was then subjected to assault and coerced to produce drugs allegedly in his possession. When their search proved fruitless, they forcibly escorted him to a waste dump, alleging he had concealed illegal substances there.”

NUSA further highlighted eyewitness accounts alleging egregious misconduct by the officers, including requesting pepper spray after emerging from Ebuka’s residence. Despite employing drug detection methods, no evidence was found, yet the relentless interrogation tragically led to Ebuka’s demise.

The union also expressed concerns about the lack of proper crime scene preservation, raising doubts about the integrity of the investigation.

Moreover, NUSA noted that the police refused to issue a statement or allow Ebuka’s family to open a case docket, and Joyce faced intimidation when she tried to report her husband’s death.

NUSA urgently called for a thorough, impartial investigation into Prince Ebuka’s killing and the broader issue of police abuse in the Northern Cape, emphasizing the need for justice and the protection of all individuals’ rights and safety, regardless of nationality.

The Kgatelopele Local Municipality Mayor, Irene Williams, visited the crime scene, expressed shock, and offered condolences, calling for calm and unity, sentiments echoed by NUSA, which urged the Nigerian community to uphold the rule of law.

The union extended heartfelt condolences to Ebuka’s family and stands in solidarity with the Nigerian community in the Northern Cape.

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