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Top 10 school of nursing in Nigeria and their contact details

Studying nursing is a great idea and it is wise to study at one of the best nursing schools due to the conducive learning environment and adequate equipment. This will help to improve the health care of every citizen of the country.

nigerian-nursing-schoolsMany Nigerian citizens are willing to study nursing, but eventually, end up opting for a school that doesn’t offer much in terms of quality education and conducive learning environment.

This is the reason why we have created this article which includes the top 10 schools to guide you.

  1. Basic School of Nursing Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki

This school is one of the leading nursing schools in Nigeria and it has the structure of a University. This school referred to as the basic school of the nursing federal teaching hospital is sited in Abakaliki, the state capital of Ebonyi State. They can be reached via email or website. Website: fetha.ng or email: info@fetha.org.

  1. Mater School of Nursing

This school boasts of a superb learning environment as well as fantastic educational facilities. This school is located at Ebonyi State. They can be reached via their email or website; usinfo@matersomn.org or https://www.matersomn.org.

  1. Imo State School of Nursing Joint Hospital

This educational institute is located at Imo State at the joint hospital Mbano. They can be reached via their email or website on info@sonmbano.org or https://www.sonmbano.org.

  1. ECWA School of Nursing Egbe

This institution was established by the Methodist church called ECWA. They possess skilled professionals and lecturers in the field of nursing and they are also well equipped with necessary tools for the profession. The school is located in Kogi State and they can be reached either via their email or website on support@esonegbe.net or https://www.esonegbe.net/eportal/.

  1. School of Nursing Ogbomosho

This educational institute is located in Oyo State and sited in the Bowen University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing, Ogbomosho. For further registration or inquiries; visit their website on https://www.bowensonogbomosho.com or email at info@bowensonogbomosho.com. Also, they can be contacted directly on their mobile phones via the following numbers, 08035248406 or 07063749966.

  1. Ondo State School of Nursing

As the name implies, the school is located at Akure, the capital city of Ondo State. For registration and inquiries, they can be reached via their website on https://www.sonak.org or on their mobile device; 08060598781 or 08155082970.

  1. Oyo State College of Nursing and Midwifery

This citadel of learning was established and is being managed by Oyo State. It boasts of superb architectural designs and great learning environment. The school can be accessed via their website on https://www.oyostatecollegeofnursingandmidwifery.com.

  1. FCT School of Nursing

This educational institute is located in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja. This school features superb equipment and highly motivated professionals. They can be reached via their website, email and phone number. Their website address is https://www.fctson.net; email address – info@fctson.net; and mobile number – 08030756430.

  1. School of Nursing – Usman Danfidiyo University Teaching Hospital

This great citadel of learning is located in Sokoto State and the school can be accessed via their website on https://www.uduth.org.ng

  1. School of Nursing, Benin Kebbi

This school is equipped with the necessary educational tools and feature professionals who make schooling conducive for their students.

Oni Olatunji

This article was written by Oni Olatunji.