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Full list of top 50 oil and gas companies in Nigeria

Oil and gas companies in Nigeria contribute immensely to the  economy. If you are looking for a gold mine, then the oil and gas company is one place to look into as you stand to gain a lot.

oil and gas companies
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Over the years, the petroleum industry has accounted for over 95% of the Federal Government Revenue. Nigeria is known to be the biggest exporter of oil and gas in Africa.

Many graduates dream of working in an oil and gas company because of the benefits and attractive salaries they stand to gain. Talking about the large employer of jobs in Nigeria, the oil and gas companies helps to provide job opportunities, thereby reducing a fraction of unemployment in the country.

The following are the top 50 oil and gas companies in Nigeria in no particular order.

1. Chevron

Chevron specializes in hydrocarbon production and exploration, refining, marketing and transportation, crude oil production, chemical production and sales, and natural gas.

Website: https://www.chevron.com

Phone Number: 01 277 2222

2. Oando Plc

Oando Plc is the largest petroleum trading company that is being own privately in Africa and also among the top oil and gas companies in Nigeria. It specializes on the exportation and importation of crude oil and petroleum products.

E-mail: info@oandoplc.com

Website: https://www.oandoplc.com

3. Total Nigeria

Total Nigeria is one of the leading multinational energy companies in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Total Nigeria has operated for over 50 years, and it is one of the largest providers of oil products and services in the country.

Email: enquiry@total.com.ng

Website: https://www.total.com.ng

4. Shell Oil

Shell Oil is the first oil and gas company to discover oil in Nigeria, and it is responsible for 21% of the total petroleum production in Nigeria.

Email: ShellNigeria@Shell.com

Website: https://www.shell.com.ng

5. Conoil Nigeria

Conoil Nigeria deals mainly in the manufacturing and marketing of lubricants, marketing of refined petroleum products, liquefied gas for household, and industrial use. It is among the top oil and gas companies in Nigeria and known as the first company to market petroleum products in larger quantities.

Email: info@conoilproducing.com

Website: https://www.conoilplc.com

6. Exxon Mobil Oil

Exxon Mobil specializes in production as well as the exploration of crude oil and natural gas. It operates numerous joint ventures.

Phone number: 234-01-2621640.

Website: https://www. exxonmobil.com

7. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

NNPC is known to be responsible for the management of Nigeria’s oil resources.

Website: https://www.nnpcgroup.com

Email: contactus@nnpcgroup.com

8. Addax Petroleum

Addax petroleum commenced operation in Nigeria in 1998. The oil and gas company works with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in the production of petroleum products.

Email: info@addaxpetroleum.com

Website: https://www.addaxpetroleum.com

9. Sahara Energy

Sahara Energy is among the oil and gas company to consider. It deals mainly with the production, marketing, and trading of crude oil.

Phone number: +234 1277 3750

Website: https://www.sahara-group.com

10. Nexen Inc.

This oil and gas company specializes in deepwater exploration in Nigeria.

Phone Number: 23417741267

Website: https://www.nexencnocltd.com

11. Equinor Oil and Gas Nigeria ( Statoil)

Equinor Oil, formerly known as Statoil, is known for the exploration of crude oil.

Website: https://www.equinor.com

Phone Number: +23412713532.

12. Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (NLNG)

This oil and gas company deals mainly in geothermal energy industries and also natural gas.

Email: Businessdevelopment@nlng.com

Website: https://www.nlng.com

13. Nestoil

Nestoil is also one oil and gas company that is successful in its field.

Email: Info@nestoilgroup.com

Website: https://www.nestoilgroup.com

14. Hardy Oil and Gas Nigeria Plc

Email: info@hardyoil.com

Website: https:// www.hardyoil.com

15. Forte Oil Plc

Website: https://www.forteoilplc.com

E-mail: info@forteoilplc.com

16. Chibeco Oil and Gas

E-mail: offshore-onshore@chibecooilandgasnigltd.com

Website: https://www.chibecooilandgasnigltd.ng

17. Ascon

Website: https://www.asconoil.com

Phone number: +234 1 2600050-9

18. Capital Oil Plc

Phone number: +234 1 4965148

19. Petrobras

Website: https://www.petrobras.com

20. Seplat Petroleum

Website: https://www.seplatpetroleum.com

Email: info@seplatpetroleum.com

21. Amazon Energy

Email: nigeria@amazontoafrica. com.

Website: https://www.amazon-energy.com

22. Lubcon Limited Oil and Gas

Website: https://www.lubcon-ng.com

Phone Number: +234 1 5850281.

23. Honeywell Oil and Gas Limited

Website: https://www.honeywelloil.com Phone no: +234 1 2611234.

  1. Nigeria Agip Oil Company Limited

Phone no: +234 1 2600100.

25. Mrs Oil Nigeria Plc

Email: inquiries@mrsholdings.com

Website: https://www.mrsholdings.com

26. Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Website: https://www.slb.com

27. Halliburton

Website: https://www.halliburton.com

28. Eni (saipem)

Website: https://www.saipem.com

29. Texaco

Nigeria Ltd

Phone no: +234 1 4614500.

30. Crestville Engineering and Technology Company Limited

Website: https://www.crestvillengineering.com

31. Lonadek Oil & Gas Consultants

Website: https://www.lonadek.com

32. Sigmund engineering company limited

Website: https://www.sigmundgroup.com

33. Denver Petroleum Services Phone no: +234 1 4962172.

34. Weltek Nigeria Limited

Website: https://www.weltekng.com

35. Lordmart Nig Limited

Phone no: +234 1 2623084.

36. National Engineering & Technical Co. Ltd.

Website: https://www.netco.com.ng

37. Ariosh Limited

Website: https://www.ariosh.com

38. Zenon Petroleum and Gas

Website: https://www.zenonpetroleumng.com

39. Gaslink Nigeria Limited

Website: https://www.gaslink.org

40. DEEJONES Group

Website: http://www.deejonsgroup.com/

DeltaAfrik Engineering Limited

Website: https://www.deltaafrik.com

42. Geolynx Ltd

Website: https://www.geolynxltd.com

43. Integrated Oil and Gas Limited Website: https://www.integratedoilandgas.com

Email: info@integratedoilandgas.com

44. Point Engineering Ltd

Website: https://www.pointengineering.com

45. Linkso Engineering Design and Consultancy

Website: https://www.linksong.com

46. Cakasa

Website: https://www.cakasa.com

47. TREXM Oil and Gas Services

Website: https://trexm.com

48. Intels

Website: https://www.intelservices.com/
Phone: 234 84 463 805.

Email: info@intelservices.com


Website: https://www.lekoil.com/

Email: info@lekoil.com

50. South Atlantic Petroleum (SAPETRO)

Website: https://www.sapetro.com/

Email: info@sapetro.com

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