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Biggest towns in Anambra State

Anambra State is the commercial hub of the southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria. It is predominantly Christian and with lots of adoration centres. The state has both human and natural resources.  Below is the list … Read more

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Wet and dry seasons of Nigeria

Generally, Africa is hot, and Nigeria has a hot climate throughout the year. The south-eastern part of Nigeria has a moderate temperature and, is unarguably, the best place to live in Nigeria and the Western … Read more

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Major rivers in Nigeria

There are a plethora of rivers in Nigeria. For instance, each town in the southeastern region of Nigeria has at least two rivers. For this article, we will stick to just two – Rivers Niger … Read more

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List of lowlands in Nigeria

Lowlands refer to the areas below 300m above sea level (whilst highlands are 500 – 600 level above sea level). In other words, areas or regions with low sea levels or at sea level are called lowlands. They form … Read more

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List of highlands in Nigeria


Almost a state in Nigeria has a highland or upland. The highlands can be mountains, hills, and plateaus. They are mountainous regions typically up to 500–600 m (1,600–2,000 ft). It depicts ranges of low mountain above … Read more

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List of army barracks


Army barrack is where soldiers or army personnel who are ready to defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria are resident and carry their day-to-day training. It is also known as an army base, where arms … Read more

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List of seaports in Nigeria


A seaport is a maritime facility with one or more wharves where ships may dock to load and unload passengers or cargo. Nigeria has a few seaports but not all of them are fully operational … Read more

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Full list of prisons in Nigeria

type of prisons

Because of the alarming increase in criminal activities, the existence of prison proves essential. Convicted criminals receive prison sentence. Most Nigerians have heard about prison, but not everyone has visited a prison. A prison is … Read more