List of army barracks


Army barrack is where soldiers or army personnel who are ready to defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria are resident and carry their day-to-day training. It is also known as an army base, where arms …

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How to become a farmer in Nigeria


If you intend to venture into farming business in Nigeria, it is advisable to follow the steps highlighted below for a successful business. Identify a farming problem The first step is to identify a farming …

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Nigerian states and what they produce


Nigeria is a blessed nation because virtually all states produce crops. Let us look at the crops produced by different states as highlighted below.   S/N AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS STATES 1 Oil Palm Ogun, Anambra, Cross …

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List of seaports in Nigeria


A seaport is a maritime facility with one or more wharves where ships may dock to load and unload passengers or cargo. Nigeria has a few seaports but not all of them are fully operational …

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Mineral resources found in Imo State

mineral resources imo state

Imo state is located in the south-eastern region of Nigeria. Named after the Imo River, it occupies the area between the lower River Niger and the upper and middle Imo River. The state is predominantly …

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Mineral resources found in Enugu State


Enugu State is one of the Igbo- speaking states in Nigeria. It was named after its capital city—Enugu, which means “the top of the hill”. It is located in the south-eastern region and is bounded …

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