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Where Gold can be found in Abia State


Nestled in south-eastern Nigeria, Abia State harbours significant gold deposits that have attracted artisanal mining for over a century. While Abia contains oil resources, gold offers potential for economic diversification if exploited responsibly. From famous … Read more

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How to calculate demurrage charges in Nigeria


  Understanding Demurrage Charges in Nigeria Demurrage charges are an important cost factor that must be properly understood by any individual or company involved in shipping and international trade in Nigeria. But what exactly are … Read more

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Bokolo cattle breed of Nigeria


The Bokolo cattle of West Africa are an indigenous breed facing declining populations. This in-depth guide covers their origins, characteristics, uses, status and conservation needs. Introduction The Bokolo are an iconic tropically adapted cattle breed … Read more

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Who is eligible to pay tax in Nigeria?


A guide to understanding tax compliance for individuals and businesses Taxation forms the backbone of Nigeria’s economy, providing over 70% of total government revenue. Nigeria operates a complex multifaceted tax system comprised of various direct … Read more