Mineral resources found in Abia State

mineral resources abia

Abia state is a south-eastern state in Nigeria. It shares borders with Imo state to the west and Cross Rivers State and Akwa Ibom State to the east and southeast respectively. To the south of …

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Mineral resources found in Anambra State


Anambra is an Igbo speaking state in Nigeria and has its root name as Ọmambala which is the name of the Anambra River which flows through the state. The colonialist found it slightly difficult pronouncing …

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Full list of prisons in Nigeria

type of prisons

Because of the alarming increase in criminal activities, the existence of prison proves essential. Convicted criminals receive prison sentence. Most Nigerians have heard about prison, but not everyone has visited a prison. A prison is …

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Consequences of child marriage in Nigeria


Child marriage is downright brutality on the mental wellness of the female child. The acceptable age for marriage, which is 18, still leaves room for debate, yet we see girls who are not mentally, emotionally, …

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History of local government in Nigeria

The local government is like a missing piece to a political puzzle and without its existence the people will not experience the full effect of governance. The local government is very essential in political administration …

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