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How to start/set up a poultry farming business in Nigeria: Definitive guide

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Amongst all of Nigeria’s agricultural sub-sectors, the poultry sub-sector is classified as the most commercialised.

The livestock sector is crucial to the socio-economic transformation of Nigeria. According to FAO reports in 2006, it contributes around 10% of agricultural GDP, while reports emanating from (UNDP, 2006) stated the total population of chickens in Nigeria is about 150.682 million.

It should also be noted that livestock offers a vital source of high-quality animal protein thereby representing about 36.5 percent of the total protein consumed by Nigerians. Due to these, it is regarded as one of the lucrative investments in agriculture with a net worth of #250 billion. In Nigeria, poultry production is classified into intensive and extensive systems based on the stock and scale.

What is layer poultry farming?

Layer poultry farming in Nigeria is a popular agricultural investment that has been in practice for several years. One vital fact about agriculture is that every business investment, layer farming, goat farming, rice production, cattle farming, and even cucumber farming contributes significantly to the nation and society in general. Layer poultry farming involves producing eggs from layers poultry birds with the sole aim of making profits from the sales of the eggs.

How to set up poultry farming business in Nigeria

Follow the steps highlighted below to set up your poultry farming.

Purchase poultry farmland

It is recommended to look for land in a remote environment but makes sure that this area is close to the city. The reason is that you can get land in this area at a relatively cheap price. The cost of lands is usually determined by the sellers, so, this is dependent on your negotiating skills.

Erect your poultry pen structure

House is very important for the effective management, keeping and rearing of chicken. Poultry housing is categorized according to the management system and the scale. The most popular types of poultry housing prevalent in Nigeria are; Battery, Semi-fold, deep litter, half litter, and half slats.

Purchase day old chick

Shop for good hatchery where you can buy healthy day old chicks. The cost ranges from #140 to #200 and sometimes up to #300.

Equipment you need for poultry farm

  • Incubator
  • Egg tray
  • Coops
  • cages
  • Drinkers
  • Feeders
  • Lighting system
  • Incubator
  • Waste disposal system
  • Nests
  • Perches

Poultry equipment and prices in Nigeria

S/NPoultry EquipmentPrices (Naira)
1.Hanging Plastic Feeder6000
2.Bell Drinker for floor-reared poultry7500
3.Hollow Feeders2500
4.Ground Feeding for Chicks (Bundle of 12)2950
5.Plastic Egg Crates (Bundle of 36 pieces)5400
6.Regular Drinkers  for Chicks (12 pieces)2700 – 7400
7.PVC Feeder Trough (For battery cages)2000

Profit potential in poultry farming business

Nigeria has been doing superbly well in this business for several years, as farmers or individuals who have engaged in the business, they have worked extremely hard and have acquired professionally competent guidance and high technical skills which are available to fellow farmers.

In view of this, they have made provision of vaccines, medicines, equipment and high-quality chicks that will aid in the massive production of layers eggs and birds respectively.

Depending on your worth of investment and the size of your farm, layer poultry farming can cater to the needs of your family or can provide a side hustle for your family.

In addition, it can provide gainful employment to farmers and unemployed individuals throughout the year. Since the egg is widely consumed in Nigeria and also around the world,

You should be aware that poultry farming requires a lot of money and effort, but I assure you that the profits made in the long run will account for your investment. It is especially expensive if you intend to start a large-scale production.

Before you venture into this business, the first thing that you have to consider is to properly calculate and estimate all the costs. There is a high probability that if you venture into this business, you will gain profits within a short time.

The reasons are not far-fetched; Nigeria as a country still has to import poultry from other countries since there are limited local farms to produce enough chicken for the large population of Nigerians. But if you carefully plan your business, there is a high chance that you will end up gaining from it.

Oni Olatunji

This article was written by Oni Olatunji.