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List of seaports in Nigeria

A seaport is a maritime facility with one or more wharves where ships may dock to load and unload passengers or cargo. Nigeria has a few seaports but not all of them are fully operational with no apparent reason.

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Seaports are managed by Nigeria Port Authority which is a federal government agency that operates and manages ports in Nigeria. Its operations are being supervised by the federal ministry of transport. Below is the list of both functional and non-functional seaports in Nigeria.

Lagos Port Complex

Also known as Apapa Port Complex is purportedly the Nigeria’s largest and busiest port complex. It was designed and built by the colonial government of Nigeria which was meant to be used to export agricultural produce mainly from Western Nigeria. Currently it is being used for haulage of cargo to the whole regions of Nigeria which caused tremendous gridlock leading on the roads of Nigeria.

Address: P.M.B 1201 Apapa, Lagos
Email: lpcinfo[at]nigerianports.gov.ng
Tel: +234 815 879 4394/ +234 906 278 4264
Latitude: 6° 26′ 43″ N
Longitude: 3° 25′ 34″ E

Tin Can Island Port (TCIP)

It was open in 1997 and started operations in 2006. It is arguably the second busiest seaport in Nigeria. Roro Terminal was unable to stand on its own and thereforo merged with Tin Can Port in 1997.  The port handles storage capacity of 30,000 tonnes and has an on-site grain bagging facility.

Address: P.M.B 1201 Apapa, Lagos
Email:    tincan[at]nigerianports.org
Tel: +234 815 879 4395/ +234 906 278 4265
Latitude: 6° 26′ 3″ N
Longitude: 3° 21′ 1″ E

Calabar Port

Calabar is the capital of cross river state and Nigeria’s top tourist attraction. Its port is the longest serving port in the southeast corner of the country in Cross River State. It’s a non-functioning seaport in Nigeria.

Local Port Name: New Calabar Port Complex, Esuk Utan
Address: P.M.B 1014, Calabar Nigeria
Email: calabar[at]nigerianports.org
Latitude: 4° 58′ 41″ N
Longitude: 8° 19′ 26″ E

Delta Ports

It is been dubbed the port of the future; although it is a not functioning at the moment. It is located in Niger River Delta region of Nigeria and includes the ports of Warri, Burutu and Sapele.

Delta ports have a distinguishing feature that makes it stand out from other ports in Nigeria.  Its short distance to highly economic or commercial states like Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Abia is immensely beneficial in haulage of cargo across the Southeast.

Address: P.M.B. 1054, Warri, Delta State
Email: deltainfo[at]nigerianports.gov.ng
Tel: +234 815 879 4401
Tel: +234 906 278 4270

Rivers Port Complex

Port Harcourt (Igwuocha) is the main petroleum producing state in Nigeria. The main functioning port is the Port of Harcourt (PH Port) which was first opened in 1913.

Address: Basket House, P.M.B. 5043, Port-Harcourt-Rivers State
Email: riversinfo[at]nigerianports.gov.ng
Tel: +234 815 879 4398
Tel: +234 906 278 4267

Onne Port

It is located in in Ogu creek close to Bonny River in Rivers state. With its federal ocean terminal and federal lighter terminal. it is being used for major transport of oil and gas throughout West Africa and Central Africa.

Address: PMB 6199 Onne, Rivers State
Local name: New Ocean and Federal Lighter Terminal
Email: onneinfo[at]nigerianports.gov.ng
Tel: +234 815 879 4399
Latitude: 4° 41′ 6″ N
Longitude: 7° 9′ 49″ E

Onitsha River Port

Forty-two years after the idea was conceived, the Onitsha River Port finally received some light cargo barges with containers. On March 05, 2021, the National Inland Water Ways Authority publicly announced that they would transfer 1000 containers from Lagos to Onitsha. This port is located in bridgehead Onitsha and is yet to start full operation.

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He writes for Naijadazz.