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Trending solar batteries

Solar battery is a type of battery that stores energy received from a solar system. It absorbs energy from the sun and converts it to electricity which can then pass through inverter to supply light your homes. However, affordability may be an issue, in that case, may have also check out inverter batteries to make informed power supply decisions.

In this article, I will present you with the ten (10) trending solar batteries we have in Nigeria based on current market research.

Tesla Powerwall

This battery is a Lithium-ion battery manufactured by Tesla Inc. It stores electricity for solar-self consumption, which can be used to power home appliances. There is also a larger power-packed that is used for commercial purposes. It was first announced in 2015 and second set was announced October 201

Sunbank solar batteries

Sunbank Solar batteries are built using latest technology in solar products. It simply stores unused electricity generated by the solar system during the day, to be used much later, when there is need for it. It serves both individual household needs and commercial needs. It comes in various sizes to suit different needs.

Deep Cycle solar battery

Deep Cycle Solar Battery is designed to take care of prolonged, repeated and deep discharges. This is more common in renewable energy systems that are disconnected from the electric utility. This is what distinguishes it from car battery. It provides energy storage for solar, wind and other renewable energy systems.

Livguard solar inverter

This has the highest rated solar charge controller that can extract maximum power from solar modules and also help in reducing electricity expenses. It is built with intelligence RTC (Real Time Clock) technology and this helps to maximize solar energy utilization. It has an in-built 50A solar charge controller – this helps to charge the battery very fast. It also has user friendly LCD Display that makes it easier for users to operate. It is also noiseless during operation.

Fronius solar battery

This battery is built with lithium technology. It has a long service life and short charging times. The end-result is maximum self-consumption and maximum independence. The capacity can be adapted to meet up with the different needs of the users. It was founded in the year 1945, in Austria. It started off with 4.5kWh and can be expanded with ease to 12kWh. It can only be installed in-doors and be used in only three-phased homes.

Sungrow battery

Sungrow Battery was built putting some significant cases into consideration. It is designed for easy installation and maintenance, using advanced integration technology which ensures maximum system performance and lower cost. Fast breaking and anti-arc protection is included for safety management. IP65 and C5 design is also used to make it adaptable to harsh environment. It is built incorporating efficiency and flexibility, hence, the intelligent cell-level temperature control ensures higher efficiency and makes the battery cycle life last longer. Alarm is built to notify the user of any fault and also monitor any abnormality.

LG Chem battery

LG Chem Battery is built with some dignified features. Among which are:

(a) Compact size and Space Saving: it is built in such a way that it doesn’t occupy much space when installed due to its size.

(b) Reliable performance:  it is very reliable and the user can be rest-assured because there is no room for running up and down as a result of problems that could emerge from other unreliable batteries.

(c) Proven Safety: it is built with safety in mind, so there is no need of casualty or emergency in the process of usage.

(d) Expandable at Need: it is built in such a way that it can be expanded when the need of the user increases. In this case, there is no need of going for extra battery, rather the existing LG Chem Battery can be expanded to accommodate the risen need of the household.

PowerPlus battery

Powerplus Battery was designed and manufactured in Australia. It is under lithium energy storage technology. It is very flexible and easy to install. It has a scalable property which makes it easy to be expanded when there is need for expansion, so it is life one size fits all as a result of this property. The size is reasonable enough and does not occupy much space.

Redback Tech battery

Redback Tech Battery is another outstanding battery that is built to take off the weight of electricity bill off your neck. The user can be in full control of all about the battery. This can be done by installing the MyRedBack app and Redback portal which enables you to stay in control of the battery after purchase. You can be able to manage it with the help of the app installed without calling on technicians. The user becomes self-reliant and does not need to panic or run around when there is power outage. It is built with lightweight materials and is suitable for outdoor installation.

Vigorous Power battery

This is a portable solar generator that is designed with AC outlet, DC and USB ports to serve different purposes and supply current at any point in time. It has a sine wave inverter that can be charged through any available solar panel. It is built with 2880 Watts battery capacity and the output power is 1800 Watts. It can be charged in three different ways:

  1. it can be charged from sun by connecting a compatible solar panel to it.
  2. It can be charged by plugging it into the wall socket; this takes about 6 hours to recharge.
  3. It can be charged by plugging into the car 12 Volts socket. It can be used to power different home appliances and can be easily carried around. As a result of this features, it can be used for camping, party, hiking, et cetera. It also comes with charger which can be used to recharge it when there is need.

Chinonye Ikebaku

This article was written by Chinonye Ikebuaku.