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Tragic Hunting Mishap Claims Life in Ogun Forest


A routine hunting expedition in the dense forests of Ogun State took a devastating turn when a hunter, Sunday Ijiola, tragically lost his life at the hands of a fellow huntsman. The incident unfolded on the 28th of May, 2024, as a group of fifteen seasoned hunters ventured into the Pakoyi forest, near Owode Ketu, in the Yewa North region.

According to police sources, the hunters had separated to increase their chances of cornering their prey, a majestic deer that had caught their attention. In the heat of the pursuit, Atanda Agbobiado, one of the hunters, mistook Ijiola for the fleeing animal and fired a fatal shot.

Chaos and Heartbreak in the Wilderness

As the hunters converged on the site of the gunshot, they were met with a harrowing scene – their comrade, Ijiola, lay motionless, the victim of a tragic case of mistaken identity. Despite frantic efforts to rush him to a nearby hospital, the 43-year-old hunter succumbed to his injuries, leaving his fellow huntsmen and family devastated.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Agbobiado, the hunter responsible for the fatal shot, fled the scene. The grieving family promptly reported the incident to the Eggua Police Division, setting in motion an investigation to unravel the circumstances surrounding Ijiola’s untimely demise.

A Tragic Precedent and Ongoing Investigation

This heartbreaking incident bears a striking resemblance to a similar occurrence that unfolded in May 2023, when a hunter was accidentally shot and killed by a fellow member of the Egba Hunters Association during a hunting expedition in the Odeda district.

As the investigation into Ijiola’s death continues, the Ogun State Police Command has assured the public of their commitment to uncovering the truth. Omolola Odutola, the command’s spokesperson, confirmed that the scene of the crime has been thoroughly documented, and efforts are underway to apprehend the fleeing suspect, Agbobiado.

In a poignant twist, Ijiola’s father has requested an autopsy and the release of his son’s body to observe traditional rites, underscoring the profound impact this tragedy has had on the family and the local community.

As the Ogun State authorities delve deeper into this tragic hunting mishap, the incident serves as a sobering reminder of the inherent risks associated with the age-old practice of hunting and the utmost importance of exercising caution and vigilance in the pursuit of game.