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20 reasons Nigerians flee abroad and seek asylum in Europe, Canada and the United States of America

Almost everybody, young, old and average citizens want to leave Nigeria and seek Asylum in Europe, Canada and the United States of America.

A popular Nigerian adage says, whenever you see smoke, there has to be fire somewhere. So also everyone will not be struggling to leave Nigeria without a reason.

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In this article, I am going to present you with the 20 concrete reasons why Nigerians flee abroad?

  1. Quest for greener pasture: Most people that flee abroad do so because they feel they can get a better job doing there. Some graduates have spent five years after one year of compulsory youth service and still nothing to show for it. So as a result of this, they prefer to go to where they can easily lay their hands on things that would put food on their tables.
  1. Hard economy: The Nigeria economy is too harsh for the inhabitants. It is not everyone that can afford three (3) square meals per day in Nigeria as a result of a bad economy. Some had even taken their own lives by committing suicide and some go into crimes in order to survive while those that do not want to get involved in such seek for a way to flee Nigeria to escape the hard economy.
  1. No bright future in view for upcoming generation: The way things are going in Nigeria, some people are afraid of raising their children here because there seems to be no future for them. As a result, they prefer to flee abroad to give their generation a better life.
  1. Lack of Development: Ever since Nigeria got independent in 1960, that is barely 59 years now, there is no serious development to accrue to that. Roads are filled with pot-holes resulting in untold accidents which are difficult to see abroad.
  1. Non-conducive environment: Nigeria environment is not conducive at all. It is not everybody that can put in with such environment where you don’t feel at home in your own house. As a result of this, some prefer to flee abroad where they will have a more welcoming environment and leave peacefully.
  1. Surging attack from Boko haram: The way people’s lives are being wasted by a set called Boko Haram is enough to make anyone flee abroad. When it seems it is going down, another one would erupt from another angle wasting people’s lives unnecessarily.
  1. High rate of corruption: It has become so bad that corruption seems to have taken the highest bid in Nigeria. From top to the lowest cadre, corruption is not left out and anyone that does not want to be a party to that is subjected to serious hardship. As a result of this, many prefer to leave the country and go to where they can leave without corruption starring at them.
  1. Violent attack from the fulani herdsmen: This is another sect that is seriously chasing people out of their own country. When the fear of Boko Haram has reduced to the barest minimum, this sect arose maiming, killing, kidnapping and raping the inhabitants of the nation. Many farmers that depend on farming for their livelihood had been made homeless and their farms destroyed by this set of human beings. It has made some to take the decision of fleeing out of Nigeria to somewhere else where such will not be the case.
  1. Lack of infrastructure: The infrastructures in Nigeria are not helping matters when it comes to building companies. So many are put in to make companies stand as a result of failed infrastructure. This too has made so many people flee abroad to set up their companies where they can function with ease.
  1. High exchange rate and ports congestion: This is another reason many people are fleeing Nigeria. When the exchange rate is high coupled with congestions in different ports, businesses are affected negatively and no serious businessman would remain if he sees any alternative to move.
  1. Epileptic power supply: Nigeria with all its natural resources cannot boast of 24 hours power supply like some neighboring countries. This is making those in the production and manufacturing sector to spend more in the quest for another alternative, thereby making the cost of production very high. It is another reason people prefer to flee to where they can get a steady power supply and run their businesses effectively.
  1. Ethnic clashes: Imagine a situation where a family wakes up in the morning only to discover that their village and another village are fighting a war. Children are exposed to violence and they tend to grow with that. Instead of staying back and leaving in fear, some decide to flee abroad where they will have peace and train their children well.
  1. Failed transportation scheme: Heavy traffic is another serious problem facing the owners of the business in Nigeria in some business areas. Imagine a state like Lagos where heavy traffic can cause unnecessary delays to road users and rail transportation is not getting adequate attention to be put in proper order. It is serious mayhem to business owners in Nigeria. Even at this, they expected to pay a heavy tax. This led to some companies closing down and their owners fleeing abroad. Many manufacturing companies had moved to Ghana laying off so many workers and rendering them unemployed. Other reputable companies are still in the pipeline to follow suit. Had it been the country is the way it ought to be, such a story would be difficult to hear in Nigeria.
  1. High rate of criminal activities: Criminal activities had rendered so many people useless as they have lost their hard-earned assets to hoodlums. Of what use is it to someone to spend his time accumulating assets for his families only for it to be taken over by someone else. This is another reason people prefer to flee abroad because there is a minimal rate of criminal activities there compared to Nigeria.
  1. Trigger happy security operatives: Security agents are meant to guide and protect the people under them but the reverse seems to be the case in Nigeria. A lot had been sent to the grave because of the happy trigger of the gun from careless security personnel. This cannot easily be found abroad.
  1. Lack of care by governments: Nigeria government seems not to care about the people they are leading. So many are dying of hunger, so many are subjected to abject unemployment, hence some are living extravagantly in government houses not minding whose horse is gored.
  1. No hope of electoral peace: It has become a norm that every election year, uncountable heads will go down with it. Nigeria is said to be practicing “democracy” but there is no evidence to prove that as people live in chaos and fear. If anyone sees any opportunity to flee abroad where such is not welcomed, who would hold the person back?
  1. Human efforts are more appreciated abroad: In abroad any minimal work you do is rewarded immensely and people are paid hourly but in Nigeria, it is otherwise. You are expected to resume duties very early in the morning and close late in the evening or even night especially some private sectors. Those extra hours spent are not taken care of by the employer. So some prefer to flee abroad to pick mini work like serving of tea and others just to earn income which will not be valued or appreciated in Nigeria.
  1. Hope for good healthcare abroad: A lot of people have died as a result of improper medical care. Some medical homes do not have equipment that can be used take care of their patients and some don’t have qualified medical team, so people are left under the mercy of Mr. Death that can call at any time.
  1. High quality education: It is disheartening to hear that some graduates cannot even defend their certificates after spending four (4), five (5) years in higher institution. For this reason and others, some prefer to obtain their education abroad by fleeing from Nigeria.

Chinonye Ikebaku

This article was written by Chinonye Ikebuaku.