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Wizkid and Davido net worth – who is richer, more popular?

Anyone who knows his beats would not dare ask who has the best music in Africa. From Cape to Cairo, and from Nairobi to Lagos, the rhythmic sounds of Nigerian music rules the airwaves. Just like the entire entertainment industry in Nigeria, Nigerian music has grown beyond the loud blaring speakers in Lagos traffic to become an international sensation.


From the historic popularity of legends like Fela Kuti, to the immense vibrancy of active artist like Tiwa Savage, the only thing growing faster than the popularity of Nigerian musicians is the price of an Apple iPhone.

It goes without saying; big popularity in the music industry comes with big money. With a total of four Nigerian musicians breaking into Africa’s top 10 richest musician list, just how bankable are Nigerian musicians? How much wealth have they raked in during their music career?

JIdenna, Wizkid, Davido and Don Jazzy all rank high in the richest musician list. But the searchlight has predominantly been beamed on the duo of Wizkid and Davido. The most critical argument has always been “who is richer between Wizkid and Davido?”

Thanks to our favourite ranking magazine – Forbes – much of the argument has been resolved. According to Forbes latest publication, Wizkid is currently worth over $20 million while his arch-rival Davido is worth about $16 million. Unfortunately for interested speculators, there is more to these figures than what meets the eye. Both Davido and Wizkid come from a very different financial background, have a different pattern of investment, employ different monetization techniques and as such cannot just be easily compared.

Thanks to a little bit of research and some spell of dumb luck, we have been able to aggregate bankable assets of the two musical icons for you to make an informed decision.

Wizkid – Official net worth $20 million

wizkidWizkid story is akin to that of Nigeria’s former president who allegedly had no shoes for school but somehow ended up becoming one of Nigeria’s richest elite. It’s the story of a rapid rise from grass to grace.

Born in the bustling town of Surulere, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun professionally known as Wizkid started recording music at the age of 11. Like many popular musical icons, he started off as a chorister in his local church where he released his first collaborative album with his crew called the Glorious Five. He rose to stardom with the release of his song “Holla at Your Boy”. Wizkid has since raked in lots of cash from collaboration with both local and international acts like Drake and Maleek Beery. He is currently the only Afro-pop musician honoured in the Guinness World Book of Records after his contribution to Drake’s hit song “One Dance”.


Wizkid has well over 50 awards and several major nominations to his name. He is a recipient of 2 Ghana Music Awards alongside 8 nominations for the award, 2 BET Awards alongside 4 nominations. Some of his other notable awards and nominations include:

  • 1 Guinness World Records
  • 1 Grammy Award nomination
  • 8 Headies award and 16 nominations
  • 6 Nigerian Entertainment Awards and 20 Nominations
  • 3 MOBO Awards and 5 Nominations
  • 2 Channel O Music Awards and 5 nominations
  • 2 City People Entertainment Awards and 7 nominations
  • 2 Dynamix all Youth Awards and 3 Nominations
  • 3 Nominations for Nigeria Music Video Awards
  • 5 Nominations for World Music Award
  • 1 4syte TV Music videos awards and 8 nominations
  • 1 The Future Awards and 1 nomination
  • 5 African Muzik Magazine Award and 9 nominations
  • 3 all Africa Music Awards and 5 nominations
  • 2 iHeartRadio Music Awards and 4 nominations
  • 1 ASCAP Awards and 1 nomination

Notable Assets

Nothing screams celebrity like expensive properties – expensive watches, expensive cars, expensive houses – the list just never ends. Showbiz is all about bringing your private business to the public and making lots of cash while you are at it. Wizkid has grown particularly good at it, flaunting his endless list of Designers’ clothes and jewellery. His most valued items, however, include the following:

Automobile Assets

  • ₦6 million Hyundai Sonata
  • ₦6 million Honda Accord I-VTEC
  • ₦8 million Can-Am spider bike
  • ₦10 million Mercedes Benz – Compressor – 2012
  • ₦11 million BMW X6
  • ₦13 million Porsche Panamera
  • ₦18 million Porsche Cayenne
  • ₦45 million Bentley
  • ₦101 million Lamborghini Urus

Landed Property

  • ₦70million Lekki Mansion
  • ₦2Billion Los Angeles Mansion

Endorsement deals

  • Pepsi – ₦70 million
  • Glo – ₦120 million
  • MTN and Guinness deal with no public price tag

Wealth Summary for Wizkid

Based on Wizkid’s recent acquisitions and publicized assets, his net worth of $20 million dollars is highly plausible.   However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t debatable. Since Nigerian laws lean toward voluntary assets declaration, there is a significant possibility of gross overestimation. There have been cases where Wizkid allegedly flaunted expensive items that he didn’t own or simply to hype the respective brands. Notwithstanding, the musical icon has some pretty good profile on the international music scene.

Though he is rumoured to charge amounts in the area of 2 million Naira for live performances, he is still considered to be among the highest paid musicians in the world. His highest-paid status emerged prominently after signing a 245 million Naira deal to stage a live performance at a wedding in India.

In addition to big performance deals, he also enjoys an audience that transcends national borders. His popularity in countries like Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, and dozens of other countries is a source of national pride. His music style, a fusion of both western and African rhythms which he sings mostly in pidgin and English makes is well received in African and western countries.

For instance, days after he got the mouthwatering deal in India, Wizkid allegedly grabbed another multimillion performance gig in Kenya. So far the Afro-pop star has performed in the UK, US, Sweden, Portugal, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. He’s also scheduled to perform in several concerts in Canada and the UK this year, a testament to his ever rising popularity.

Davido – official net worth – $16 million


David Adedeji Adeleke, professionally called Davido, is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s most popular artists. Established in the Afro-pop genre, his rise to stardom though not particularly dramatic is a reference point for many aspiring artists. With his family background, it is pretty safe to say Davido was born with a silver spoon. The Afro-pop superstar was born into the family of Chief Deji and Vero Adeleke –   one of Nigeria’s richest families residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

He discovered his passion for music at a young age while studying Business Administration at Oakwood University in the United States. After suffering several stints of bad grades in American universities, he returned to Nigeria to concentrate on his music career. He releases his debut album “Omo Baba Olowoin 2012 shortly after kick-starting his music career in the country. Backed by his tenacity, wealth and already established family influenced, Davido emerged as a force to reckon with in the entire African continent.

Davido won the best African act at the MOBO Awards 2017 and also became the first African act to perform live at the awards. To add more feathers to his cap, he became the first African-based artist to have received a BET Awards on the award’s main stage – being presented his award by Hollywood superstars, actor Omari Hardwick and actress Tika Sumpter. Davido has lots of successful collaborations with popular artists like Diamond Platnumz , Lola Rae,  Mi Casa, Sarkodie, Tiwa Savage in both music releases and live performances.


In addition to his BET and MOBO awards, Davido has several prestigious awards to his name. He has so far earned about 44 awards and 96 nominations – an outstanding record by all standards. Some of his awards include a KORA Award, Channel O Music Video Award, Nigeria Music video award, 2 MTV Africa Music Awards, 2 African Muzik Magazine Awards, 2 Dynamix All Youth Award, 5 Headies Award, 7 Nigerian Entertainment awards.

  • 1 Ghana Music Award and 1 nomination
  • 5 The Headies and 9 nominations
  • 7 Nigeria Entertainment Awards and 11 nominations
  • 1 Channel O Music Video Awards and 8 nominations
  • 1 City People Entertainment Award Nomination
  • 2 Dynamix All Youth Awards and 2 Nominations
  • 2 Nigeria Music Video Awards (NMVA) and 8 nominations
  • 3 nominations for 4Syte TV Music Video Awards
  • 1 Kora Awards and 1 Nomination
  • 3 nominations for World Music Awards
  • 2 MTV Africa Music Awards and 4 nominations
  • 2 BET Awards and 2 nominations
  • 2 African Muzik Magazine Awards and 6 nominations
  • 1 MOBO Awards and 1 nomination
  • 1 Nomination for Soul Train Awards
  • 1 The Future Africa Award and 1 nomination
  • 2 MTV Europe Music Awards and 3 nominations

Notable assets

The frenzy for spending big by Nigerian musicians doesn’t exclude Davido. The Lagos based musical sensation spends heavily to sustain his celebrity lifestyle. From expensive holidays, multimillion naira wristwatches to designers clothing – Davido’s money spending adventures are too numerous to mention. However, he has strings of bankable assets to his name and is currently ranked among the richest musicians on the African continent.

Automobile assets

  • ₦4 million Honda Accord
  • ₦17 million Chevrolet Camaro GS
  • ₦20 million Toyota Land Cruiser
  • ₦36 million three-wheel bike
  • ₦40 million Porsche Carrera
  • ₦70 million Range Rover Sport
  • ₦130 million Bentley Bentayga
  • ₦350 million 2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan

Landed property

  • A house in the US estimated to be worth around ₦600 million
  • A house in Lekki estimated to be worth around ₦100 million

Wealth Summary for Davido

Saying Davido flaunts most of his wealth on the pages of social media would not be far from the truth. However, the musical icon has always tried a little too hard to convince his fans of his wealth – both real and perceived. The last 3 years have seen Davido spend almost a billion naira on luxurious items alone. Just last year alone, Davido spent over half a billion on luxury goods. Among an endless list of items he splashed his wealth on – a ₦20 million Porsche, ₦2.3 million Cartier bracelets for his showbiz girlfriend made headlines.

Davido is rumoured to charge amount in excess of 2 million naira for gracing any performance event. About 14 months ago, the superstar posted on his social media account that he made 500 million naira from his much publicized 30 billion concerts. He also graces the list of elite world musical icons who have sold-out the world’s most popular music and entertainment venue – the 02 arenas.

Wizkid and Davido – The comparison

Before comparing Wizkid and Davido, it is important to state clearly that the two musical icons are legends in their own right. They are both unarguably the most talked about musicians on Nigerian social media. However, it is important to put to rest the age old argument between diehard fans of both superstars about who is more endowed in wealth.

In our analyses above, we make efforts to be very open-minded and even-handed. Notwithstanding, when it comes to flaunting wealth – Davido clearly has the upper hand. Davido’s social media handle is littered with numerous images and videos of his shopping spree and luxurious acquisitions. Recently, the superstar has used his girlfriend – Chioma – as a front to display his wealth.

In addition, when it comes to ownership of valuable assets, Davido clearly eclipses Wizkid. Davido has more fancy cars in his garage that Wizkid. While Wizkid garage holds about 200 million naira worth of automobile, Davido comfortably showcases a Garage holding more than 600 million worth of wheels.

Davido also clearly has similarly priced landed property when to that of Wizkid. If the rumoured price of Wizkid’s Los Angeles Mansion is anywhere near the real figure, then it means Wizkid clearly has an upper hand in real estate as against Davido.

Both musicians are highly bankable in the country, being able to pull in crowd in excess of 40,000. They are also among the only Afro-pop stars to sell out the prestigious 02 arena. Both singers also rake in millions of naira from music shows – irrespective of the location. While Davido allegedly made 500 million naira from his 30 billion concerts, Wizkid also reportedly made 300 million naira from his AfroRepublik show.