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How to make Morning Fresh (liquid soap) for dishwashing from scratch in Nigeria

If you live in Nigeria or if you have ever been to a Nigerian kitchen, chances are that you must have seen the popular Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid or used one before.  Over the years, Morning Fresh has carved a name for itself as a household need rather than a mere want and demand. Liquid soaps are usually preferred for dish-washing because of its easy dissolution in water, as well as its moderate effect on people with sensitive skin.

Learning liquid soap production can be quite lucrative and money-conserving; it saves you the cost of purchasing other expensive brands as well as provides an additional source of income for you. Not only does it require little capital to start up, but it is also very easy to make. This article will teach you all you need to know about liquid soap (morning fresh) production.


Materials/chemicals needed

The following chemicals are needed for making morning fresh.

  1. Soda ash (one of four divisions, ¼ )
  2. Sodium lauryl sulfate SLS (1/2)
  3. Caustic soda (1/16)
  4. Texapon (1/4)
  5. Perfume – choice
  6. Colour of choice (green is however preferred for morning fresh production)
  7. STPP (sodium triphosphate) (1/4)
  8. Sulphonic acid (2 litres)
  9. Natrosol (1/4)
  10. Formalin (1/4)

Chemicals needed for making morning fresh

Before we dive into the procedures, it is important to examine the uses of each of the chemicals used in producing morning fresh.

  • Soda ash – it acts as the cleansing agent.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate – it helps the morning fresh foam.
  • Caustic soda – it is also a cleansing agent.
  • Texapon – this is a foaming agent.
  • Perfume – it gives a good fragrance.
  • Colour – it improves appearance.
  • STPP (sodium triphosphate) – this is a thickening agent.
  • Sulphonic acid – it is a foaming agent.
  • Natrosol – this serves as a thickening and a foaming agent.
  • Formalin – this serves as a preserving agent.

Caution is needed in the use of formalin and caustic soda as improper handling can lead to suffocation and peeling of the hands respectively.

Procedure for producing Morning Fresh

The following are the procedure to be followed in producing morning fresh:

  1. Soak the sodium laurel in a bowl.
  2. Dissolve the STPP (Sodium triphosphate) in water using another bowl.
  3. Use a separate bowl to mix a small quantity of caustic soda and another one for mixing the soda ash in water.
  4. Mix texapon and sulphonic acid together. You will need a bigger bowl to do this, Make sure it is mixed thoroughly.
  5. To ensure that the chemicals are properly dissolved, leave it for about 20 minutes.
  6. Get the main bowl that will contain the morning fresh. You have to be sure that the bowl is large enough to contain the quantity of soap that you are making. Hence, get a very big bowl.
  7. Fill the bowl with some clean water until it is half-filled.
  8. To the half-filled bowl, add natrosol bit by bit and stir gently as you do so.
  9. You will then proceed to pour the previously mixed chemicals into the bowl. These chemicals include sodium lauryl, STPP (sodium triphosphate), texapon and sulphonic mixture, and soda ash.
  10. Begin to stir for about 15 – 20 minutes, stir thoroughly.
  11. Add formalin which is the preservative agent. As stated earlier, this chemical should be handled with extreme care because it can be quite toxic.
  12. Add the colouring agent to it and stir till you can notice the colour in the mixture. The colour should be to your satisfaction. You could do this for about 5 minutes.
  13. You can then proceed to add your perfume that gives it a sweet fragrance and stir for just 6 minutes. It could be more if you see the need for it.
  14. Lastly, leave the mixture for about 15 minutes to settle. This is the last stage of Morning Fresh production.
    1. Your Morning Fresh can now be packaged in small or medium-sized ragolis containers or customized bottles depending on choice.
    2. For maximum sales and recognition (if production is for a commercial purpose), ensure proper packaging and if possible, labelling of your product.


Morning fresh can be used to wash dishes and some other laundry; however, it should not be used for bathing.

Precious Uka

Precious Oka writes for Naijadazz.