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Mineral resources found in Anambra State

Anambra is an Igbo speaking state in Nigeria and has its root name as Ọmambala which is the name of the Anambra River which flows through the state. The colonialist found it slightly difficult pronouncing the original name and decided to change it to Anambra.


Anambra State is located in the South eastern part of Nigeria and have boundaries with Imo and Rivers State (Igwuocha) to the south, Kogi State to the North, Enugu to the east, and Delta State to the west.

Its inhabitants are called Ndi Anambra or Anambrarians and you may also refer to them as Igbo Jews  for those practising Judaisim. Anambra State has 21 local governments and is one of many states blessed with arable soil that could feed the whole of Europe, and other numerous agro-based activities such as fishing and farming and large expanse of land for pasturing and animal husbandry.

List of mineral resources in Anambra State

There are a vast amount of mineral deposits in Anambra State. For the purpose of this article, we have listed the top resources found in considerable amount below:

Crude Oil and gas

In 2006, Orient Petroleum Refinery became the first Nigerian Private Refinery (OPR) which was built in Aguleri. In 2012, Anambra State was pronounced an oil producing following coordinated efforts of Peter Obi and management of OPR. Increased in oil production has led to increase in economic activity in the surrounding areas especially in Ayamelum Local Government Area in Umueje.


Bauxite is a sedimentary reddish rock and comprises aluminium oxide, iron oxides, silica, and titanium. It is found in Orofia, a village in Ukpo in Anambra State.


Ceramic deposits are found in Ozubulu, Ukpor, Ayamelum, Ekwusigo, Nnewi South, Ihiala, Njikoka, Aguata. It has a variety of uses including making wall tiles, sanitary wares, artificial teeth and so on.

Other resources are

  • Iron ore
  • Limestone
  • Coal
  • Fine clay
  • Marble and Silicia sand
  • Lead
  • Zinc

Major towns

  • Onitsha
  • Nnewi
  • Awka (state Capital)
  • Njikoka
  • Amawbia

Agricultural resources

  • Cocoa
  • Rice
  • Cassava
  • Palm Oil
  • Maize

Francis Uzoh

He writes for Naijadazz.