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How to start a chin-chin business in Nigeria and export abroad

Flour-produced snacks such as puff-puff, buns, sausage roll, pancakes, chin chin, cake, egg roll, etc are common sight in Nigeria; it is sold in many item stores, highways, roadsides and supermarkets around the country, it is also commonly served in ceremonies, dinner, and hangouts where they are used as appetizers and dessert. Of all the listed snacks, chin-chin can be referred to as the most accessible and pocket-friendly. It comes in different shapes and sizes and can be taken at any time of the day.

Chin-chin preparation can be done by baking or frying. Over time, people have been bothered about the health benefit of chin-chin considering the fact that it involves deep frying which is believed may be harmful to the body as it contains more calories than the baked ones. However, the fried chin-chin is usually preferred, some differences exist between the two snacks types:

  1. The baked chin-chin is always harder and drier than the fried ones. The fried ones come out very crunchy.
  2. The fried ones, of course, taste better when compared to the baked ones.
  3. As stated earlier, oil increases calories in food; hence the fried chin-chin contains more calories than the baked chinchin.
  4. In terms of appearance, the fried chin-chin appears more attractive than the baked chin-chin.

nigerian-chin-chin-businessAny intending chin-chin exporter in Nigeria or any part of the world must first have a good understanding of the products or services he wants to sell or provide.

Entering into chin-chin business in Nigeria requires capital and you may need to source for loan or grant to do this. It demands that the individual be able to prepare the snack in a professional manner. In this article, you will discover all you need to know before venturing into a chin-chin business.

How to produce chin-chin

The following materials and ingredients are required in chin-chin preparation.

  • Deep fryer for frying
  • Cutter
  • Sieve
  • Bowls
  • Long sieving spoon
  • Rolling pins
  • Flour
  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Flavour
  • Sugar
  • Margarine
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Nutmeg
  • Water


  1. Sieve the flour and pour in a large bowl pour
  2. Add baking powder, sugar, nutmeg, salt and mix well
  3. Add some margarine to the mixture above and stir properly with your hands until it appears whole
  4. Add some whisked eggs and milk (if liquid) till you see a smooth and hard dough
  5. Put the dough on a table or flat surface and knead carefully for a few minutes
  6. The next is to roll the dough and cut into your desired shape. A cutter or table knife is required here
  7. Heat a good quantity of oil in a pan or pot
  8. When the oil becomes moderately hot, pour in the shaped chin-chin and fry until it gives a golden brown colour
  9. Using your sieving spoon, remove them from the oil and put in a sieve. The sieve is necessary for the oil to drain
  10. Leave to cool and package

The importance of a business plan in starting the chin-chin business cannot also be overlooked. A business plan is a document usually written, that contains the aims, scopes, and objectives of the business. It contains the background information and even values of the business. It also analyzes the plans of the business for manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and sales. Having a business plan also helps can also be used to source for funds from several financial institutions across Nigeria.

Exporting chin-chin from Nigeria involves providing foreigners not resided in Nigeria with chin-chin made in Nigeria. Statistically speaking Nigerian exports goods mostly to Europe and the UK, therefore, joining the train won’t be a bad idea.

Steps to exporting chin-chin from Nigeria to Europe / UK

The following are the necessary steps to exporting chin-chin from Nigeria to the UK or Europe.

  1. Research:

This involves getting to know your business environment, becoming aware of local languages, identifying available means of transportation of the goods (shipping and via air) and the cost duty of exporting. It is also necessary to find out about the rules and regulations governing exportation in Nigeria and also laws governing the export of products into the UK/ Europe. The packaging of the snacks must also be put into consideration, the best package design should also be determined during the research process; this is because product packaging plays an important role in increasing the turn-over of a product. The labels should also be carefully determined.

  1. Registration of product.

Registration of the business name makes the business to be seen as a legal entity; this is particularly important to avoid problems from food and drug regulatory bodies, as well as immigration officers. There is a need to register the chin-chin export business at the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and Form NXP.

  1. Getting the customers

Creating and establishing contacts with sellers in your target location is paramount to the success of the business. Here, foreigners are customers. You can find foreign customers through the listed means below;

  • Exhibit product at trade shows
  • Create an online presence. Designing a brand flyer and advertising via the social media platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs) can go a long way in reaching out to lots of persons
  • The use of a website or PR campaigns can also be employed
  1. Transportation of products

Hiring a courier company or freight forwarder (a person or company that specializes in organizing shipments for individuals, small businesses or corporations to transport goods from manufacturers or producers to customers or markets) will help facilitate the export process. Popular companies used here are FedExpress, DHL and UPS (United Parcel Service Ltd). After packaging the products to be exported, take it to the courier office which will then complete the export process.

 Location of some courier companies in Nigeria

  1. DHL Iyana Ipaja office.

Location: 5, Abeokuta expressway.

  1. DHL Victoria Island office

Location 370 Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos state.

  1. UPS Office Abuja

Location: Plot 781 Emeka Anyaoku Street, Area 11, Garki, Abuja.

  1. UPS office, Kano

Location: Afrijet House, 69, Murtala Mohammed Way, Kano, Kano State.

  1. UPS office, Ikoyi

Location: 95, Awolowo road, Ikoyi Lagos.

  1. UPS Office, Oyo

Location: 93, Moshood Abiola way, Ousola Ring Road, Ibadan, Oyo state.

Required documents for exporting Chin-Chin to Europe

  1. Export license
  2. Insurance certificate
  3. Export packing list. This indicates the type of package and other related specifications. It is usually placed inside a water-proof envelope and attached to the outside of the package
  4. Commercial invoice. This contains the goods description, delivery and payment terms, addresses of both the shipper and seller, destination control statement
  5. Bill of lading
  6. Dock receipts and warehouse receipt
  7. Consular invoice

Precious Uka

Precious Oka writes for Naijadazz.