How to send call-me-back message on 9mobile for free (USSD Code)

9mobile, a popular telecommunication network is known for huge call bonuses and airtimes. Amongst its many services, 9mobile offers a wide range of free ‘call me back’ messages, so you have more than two options to pick from.

Available ‘call me back’ messages on 9mobile and their USSD codes

  1. Please call me, thank you

Code:  *266*1*recipient number#

  1. Please call me, I landed safely

Code: *266*2*recipient number#

  1. Please call me, I am now available

Code: *266*3*recipient number#

  1. Call me back, it’s an emergency

Code: *266*4*recipient number#

Bear in mind that these messages can only be sent to 9Mobile recipients. You cannot send these codes more than 5 times in a day.

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