Ussd codes for sending a call-me-back message on MTN

Call-me-back messages have proved to be an effective means of getting friends to call you with their own airtime instead. Funny right? Well, some folks use this service for this very reason; this could, however, be as a result of insufficient call credit to make long calls.


MTN provides four call-me-back USSD codes for users to select from, each designed to convey a particular message.

Available MTN “call me back” codes

  1. Please call me back, I love you

USSD code: *133*1*recipient number#.

  1. Please send me credit

USSD Code: *133*2*recipient number#.

  1. Please call me, I have gist for you

USSD Code: *133*3*recipient number#.

  1. Please call me, I need your assistance

USSD code: *133*4*recipient number#.

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