How to send free call-me-back messages on GLO network (USSD Code)

Sending call-me-back messages can be quite important especially in the face of emergencies or when there is a need to urgently convey a vital message to a friend, family member or business associate. Like Glo, you can also send a call me back messages on other top mobile providers like Airtel, MTN, 9Mobile

Not only does GLO offer amazing data deals, but it also allows its users to send a call-me-back message as a means of ensuring that their (customers) day-to-day activities are not hampered due to lack of airtime.

Sending call-me-back messages informs your recipients of your need to communicate with them, thus making sure that very important information is passed across.

The only one ‘call me back’ message is available on the GLO network. To automatically send a ‘call me back’ message on a GLO sim, dial *125*recipient number# and send.

Just like other networks, this message cannot be sent more than five times a day. The recipient must also be a GLO user.